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Terrestrial Microwave Transmission System

Smart data communications has created a niche for herself in this field of specialization. We have successfully deployed high speed microwave point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems for all remote operating locations of Shell, Total, Agip etc. We also bagged in similar success stories for other categories of our clients.

We undertake the following activities to actualize reliable terrestrial microwave transmission system deployment:

  • Equipment procurement
  • Site survey
  • Line of sight (LOS) survey
  • Path profile and link analysis
  • Antenna specifications
  • System Design
  • Installation Planning
  • System Installation
  • Civil Works
  • Site Development
  • Commissioning
  • Training etc.


Imagine a single wireless technology that can: make portable Internet a reality by extending public WLAN hotspots to metropolitan area coverage for mobile data-centric service delivery, connect enterprises and residential users in urban and suburban environments where access to copper plant is difficult, bridge the digital divide by delivering broadband in low-density areas Thanks to its innovative technology, WiMAX will offer broadband wireless access at data rates of multiple Mbit/s to the end-user and within a range of several kilometers. The same radio technology will also offer high-speed data services to all nomadic terminals (laptops, PDAs, etc.) with an optimized trade off between throughput and coverage. Ultimately it will enable the “Portable Internet” usage replicating on the move the same user experience as at home or at the office.

Wireless Access

Smartdata communications Limited in partnership with industry leaders such as Cisco System and Dreyket, supply, install and integrate a broad range of wireless networking products. In order to fit our solutions into our customers tight budget outlay, we provide our solutions in both the low and the high end of the wireless access products.


Smartdata communications deliver high-capacity, long-range connectivity at the industry’s most competitive prices, and comply with worldwide regulations and industry standards. Compact and robust, our products provide Ethernet and native TDM (up to 16 E1s/T1s), thus enabling seamless migration from TDM to all-IP networks. They are deployed globally by leading cellular carriers and service providers as well as public and private networks.

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