IT Outsourcing

You know what you need to take your business to the next level – but you might not know how to communicate your message to potential vendors in language that they can understand. And when a vendor proudly tells you how great his system is you can’t be certain that you have asked all the “hard” questions and that they have been fully answered.

The Smartdatacoms team can help and advise you throughout your journey to a new system. Our consultants can work with you and your team to “flesh out” your requirements and suggest alternatives that may make your system a better fit for your business. We can manage your entire procurement process – from developing documentation through to evaluating vendors and products.

Our project consultants can manage the entire process and will ensure that the vendors deliver a system that is fit for purpose and exactly meets the agreed specifications.

Equipment Outsourcing

Outsourced equipment pooling makes commercial sense. It can boost profitability, increase efficiency and help your business gain a competitive advantages.

  • No capital outlay needed for equipment or maintenance systems
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Platforms are available on-demand and fit for purpose
  • A transfer system helps reduce storage, handling and loss
  • Transactional ease is increased through transferability of widely accepted standard equipment
  • Use as much or as little equipment as needed as business cycles change
  • R&D investment in materials handling equipment is outsourced

Running an equipment pool for complex supply chain movements is a complicated process requiring facilities, labour, supervision, regulatory compliance and the physical materials for the pool.

Running an in-house equipment pool takes time away from your core business. Smartdatacoms takes the stress out of running your own pool so you can focus on your business rather storing and managing pallets and containers. The Smartdatacoms solution ensures you always have quality equipment ready when you need it.

IT Support Service

Smartdatacoms aims to provide basic IT support services in a way that delivers true competitive advantage for companies who rely on information Technology for their success. We add value to your businesses by partnering with you in transforming your IT resources and capabilities into valuable assets using strategic service management focused on business needs.

Our IT SUPPORT SERVICES would Reduce Operational costs, Networking Services, Security, Compliance & Continuity Services, Workplace Services, Makes your business become more adaptive, Improves quality of service (Internal & External), Gains access to expertise and innovation.

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